Information about Education in UK

In the UK our Education is very well looked after in comparison to other countries where their education is corrupt and we always are looking for new ways to improve education to give the younger generation the best chance in the future to do something great with their lives. Also our government heavily invest into eduction.

Children are taught from as young as 4 basic maths and english skills and how to write effectively so by the time they leave year six they are ready to take on a more advanced courses in Geography, Maths, and History. The pivotal year in secondary school is year 10 this is when you begin your GCSE’s and it also gives you an idea of what your good at because you pick courses that you like along with compulsory courses that will help you in the future.

Once GCSE’s are done Students are left with 3 options to go to college which offers more variety to what you want to do, or to go to Sixth form where you will do your A levels in chosen subjects and lastly you can go of to work but many teachers and experts would strongly advised against this because you could find yourself coming back to education in years to come and by then it will no longer be free for you.

After this Students will often go onto University with Careers in mind and pick degrees that are aimed at those careers this usually takes a few years and often students will live in the area whilst they are being educated.

One criticism of Education in the UK is the cost of going to university with the average cost for a course at £9,000 but along with everything else constantly rises and students have no choice but to get a loan and this has seen a decrease in the number of people going to university. By the time students come out of University they are in debt and some even struggle to get a job because of lack of experience.